Sunday, October 17, 2010

Outdoor Aspirations

Today the weather gave an encore performance; perfect temps continued for yet another day! As a result, the six of us ventured onto a nature trail. We've always aspired to be a more outdoorsy sort of family; but over the last seven years the thought of hauling diapers, strollers, and little ones along the trails have been enough to keep it at just that, an aspiration. With Collin nearing two, we decided to give it a go: two parents with four kids in tow.

The first thirty minutes were excruciating. Caleb was disagreeable (to put it mildly). Chris said Caleb would be a real asset for the United States if they ever needed to wear down terrorist. He certainly wore us down. But in typical Caleb fashion, at some point, he's done. He instantly transforms into pleasant Caleb, providing lively, interesting discourse and witty banter.

Once his mood softened, so went the temperament of the group. It was fun. The boys enjoyed snagging katydids and wooly caterpillars. They placed bare toes in the water, while searching earnestly for aquatic creatures. They picked up sticks, rocks and acorns, clutching their new "find" for a time and then tossing it off the path.

At the end of our trail, I spotted a park ranger. I inquired about the length of the trail. He responded: two miles. I was shocked. We had been walking for about an hour and a half, and we all were pretty exhausted (although Chris reminded me that we were carrying a child for most of that time)!

I think we're still at the point where exploring the Great Outdoors is best done from the comforts of our car. Some day!

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