Monday, October 4, 2010

Picture Day

The boys posing for our Christmas card picture! (my amateur snapshot)

Chris is FINALLY home tonight. I'm not going to write much so we can squeeze in all those conversations we've been meaning to have.

The day's big event: the annual Christmas card photography session. Our church friend, Elizabeth Mendenhall took our family's picture. She took it last year too, and was brave enough to return for another year. (Her pictures are beautiful!)

She asked tonight, "What do you expect from the picture? All the boys smiling?"

Chris and I giggled. I replied, "If they're just looking in the general vicinity of the camera I'm happy."

It actually went pretty well, and afterwards Elizabeth even commented about how much easier our photography session went this year compared to last year. She said, "Posing for pictures gets easier as they go older."

So true, and that just doesn't go for picture taking, now does it?

(Picture of Connor devouring ice cream. We did bribe the kids with ice cream for smiles and cooperation! It worked!!!)


Thanks to those who called or commented on yesterday's post. It definitely was a rough weekend. Today, I was so glad to be able to squeeze Caleb (and myself) into a psychology appointment with Dr. Manees. I really do love her! I was also blessed by Caleb's two wonderful second grade teachers. They sent me two emails and we talked twice on the phone. I'm in awe of how seriously they take their jobs and how deeply they love their students!

I was also glad that Chris had a day off work. We've had an opportunity to converse about everything and give Caleb a little more TLC.

Thank you, thank you. I love you all!

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