Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Soccer

The soccer team celebrating their last game (Caleb second from left).

Collin ready to cheer on the Irish.
(ND shirt a garage sale find from yesterday!)

Caleb had his last soccer game of the season. My mom and I huddled (it was chilly!) on the sidelines, cheering and encouraging in tandem. Caleb trotted along in the general vicinity of the ball. He even completed some kicks, maneuvering the ball in close proximity to the goal. During one of those kicks, my mom said, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if he made a goal in his last game. It would be like his Rudy moment."

The wheels in my head started to spin. I could visualize the blog in my head: asperger's child comes back from nearly quitting the team to making the winning goal. It would be a tearjerker with a happy ending.

Alas, Caleb exited the field today without scoring a goal during the game (nor at any time during the entire season). My success story was demolished.

With a little more thought, I realized Caleb had his Rudy moments. For Caleb, success came in the form of: participating in all team practices and games, (sometimes) cheering on his teammates, celebrating team successes, and following the coaches. His moments weren't grandiose and obvious to the masses, but to me they were huge.

We got our happy ending, and a tearjerker too.


They say, "It takes a village to raise a child." Well, I think it takes a village to ferry four children to all their Saturday activities. Fortunately, today I enlisted the help of some "villagers" (my mother and grandmother). With six hands (and Chris for a small portion of the day), we worked as a team, shuffling kids between sports fields and birthday parties. Words cannot even express how grateful I am for their assistance! My sanity remained intact thanks to my wonderful mother and grandmother!

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