Saturday, October 16, 2010

Touching Tadpoles

Connor with one of his "finds."

Today was fall at its finest: splendid temperatures mixed with breathtaking, multicolored foliage. It was a day to be outside, so we headed to Eagle Creek Park. First stop: the nature center.

The boys were absolutely giddy when they discovered just what was housed within the confines of the nature center: reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Even better, several of their new found friends could be man-handled and explored.

The biggest hit was the tadpole, open-faced aquarium with a sign plastered above the case, "Touch." Touch they did (maybe a little too hard at some points). The four boys huddled above the case, desperately trying to snag a tadpole or two. Once a juvenile amphibian lay clutched between their fingers, they wanted to cradle and snuggle their new found pet. I hovered over the boys reminded them of the rules: no squeezing, and tadpoles remain in the water.

After a while, the little boys lost interest. I instructed all the boys to wash their hands. The boys filed into the men's room. From outside the door, I heard rumblings about Cooper having a tadpole in his pocket. I was shouting into the restroom, "Cooper, please say you don't have a frog in your pocket. Cooper, do you have a frog in there?" Pretty soon, an audience had developed around the restroom door, as laughter ensued.

Cooper finally exited the restroom sans tadpole. Hopefully, it was just a nasty rumor, and no tadpole found a home in a commode.

As we were leaving, the park ranger said, "Lady, you should come every weekend. Your family is hysterical." Then, he followed, "You know I'm laughing with you, right?"

No, I think he was actually laughing at us, but it was pretty funny.

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