Friday, October 15, 2010

Waking Up Wrong

The boys and their friends participating in "races" on the driveway.

Connor and his friend, Annabel, having a blast in the leaf pile!

I was standing among the neighbor kids, as my boys pranced around the perimeter of the group. My eighth year old neighbor watched my sons, and then said to me, "Now I see why you're stressed out all the time." I had to laugh; so much wisdom for someone so young! At least for this morning, she was right; I was definitely stressed!

Today was pajama day at Connor's school. As a parent to kids in three schools, it seems like it's always a day: pajama day, orange day, silly hat day, Colts blue day, funny sock day (Are blue argyle socks considered funny?). These days require a lot of work for us parents: preselecting the right outfit, and then ensuring that child actually makes it to school with the proper wardrobe.

Pajamas were the center of this morning's feud. From the moment Connor woke up he wanted to borrow Caleb's pajamas. Caleb wasn't budging. The next 45 minutes were filled with cajoling, weeping, squabbling, and threatening. In the end, Connor finally caved, and ended up wearing his own Batman pajamas.

I ushered the boys all in the car to take Caleb to school. Connor sat in his Batman pajamas with tears streaming down his cheeks and his face crinkled up. Caleb looked cantankerous as he buried his head in a book. The other boys appeared shell-shocked from the morning's activities.

I was barely awake, and already fuming, as the bickering resonating in the car. Wishing to fill the van with happier noises, I flipped on a book on tape. An Encyclopedia Brown mystery began to unfold from the dashboard. Slowly the feuding began to diminish. The boys sat mesmerized as they listened to the junior detective tackle Idaville's latest case.

After taking a few swigs of my (lukewarm) Diet Coke, and finally sitting in silence, my stress level began to diminish.

Wow, what a morning!

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