Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Really Happens

Memaw celebrated her birthday with the boys at Pumpkinfest. They had a ball in the corn kernel play box!

I helped out in the boys' Sunday school class today. It's always interesting to see first hand what actually happens in the classroom. Most weeks, I don't have a clue about the activities within that hour.

Today, I assisted with word searches, passed out crayons, and enforced the "no touching your neighbor" rule during story time. Mostly, I was in charge of Brayden: a severely autistic little guy with a tendency to wander (out of the classroom mostly), and engage in an assortment of other unconventional activities. So, Brayden and I discussed farm animals and played with tape. I kept an eye on him as he circled the room, eyeing the door.

Brayden wasn't the only little one with some challenges. As someone in the know, I could peg several other spectrum or attention deficit kiddos. Lesson and song time tended to be particularly challenging for these fellows. They squirmed, fidgeted, paced, and wandered.

We were in the midst of song time, when one of these fellows eyed me desperately, practically pleading with me to let him roam. I gave him a song list and asked if he could read. He shook his head "no." Connor was sitting on my lap. He grabbed the song list and asked the little boy if he could help him find the song. Quickly Connor flipped the pages, landing on "Be Thou My Vision." I saw Connor nestle up to this little boy and hold his song sheet near his lap. The little guy couldn't read, so I guess the song sheet meant little. But, he calmed and allowed Connor to belt out the words as he soaked in the hymn.

My heart swelled and my eyes teared. I heard a choir of sweet little voices singing, "High king of heaven, my treasure thou art," while Connor huddled next to his new found friend.

Today I learned about what happens at Sunday School. God's love is not only taught, sometimes it's seen.

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  1. Becky, I'm happy to have found your blog. Thanks for sharing this precious story of seeing God's love. (Brought tears to my eyes too!) Your boys are obviously seeing His love in your home and sharing it with those around them. Beautiful!