Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Missing my Boys

The boys getting ready for school.

A couple of weeks ago I was overwhelmed (remember the blog?). So I made a rash decision. I put the little boys in all day preschool/mother's morning out one day a week. For the last two weeks, I've practically had the day to myself (Connor is with me a few hours of the day). Life's become a little quieter since then , but with Christmas right around the corner I'm thinking those free hours may come in handy.

Today was my "free" day, a day I devoted to kicking off my Christmas shopping. I spent most of my day in the mall alone (completely alone, Connor got invited on a play date this afternoon). At first, it was a blast. I moved quickly from store to store without little ones touching everything, loitering about, and begging to purchase just about anything.

A couple of hours later, I realized I was lonely. I know, it sounds crazy. I guess I'm so use to spending all my waking hours with four little appendages. I'm not sure I know how to carry on a conversation without someone pulling my leg...or riding in the car without any complaint about the radio station...or purchasing a coke without four little ones begging for the same thing. I missed the chaos, the noise, the busyness.

At three o'clock, I picked up the boys. I hugged them tightly, and whispered "I missed you." I meant it.

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