Monday, November 1, 2010

Completing the Day

Today was Grandparent Day at Caleb's school, with yours truly serving as co-chair of the event. The last several months and days, my waking moments are encompassed with thoughts about November first: wishing it would come faster, but hoping it won't. So, I greeted the day with mixed emotions: trepidation, fatigue, but mostly euphoria that the end was in sight!

The morning went fairly well, with one minor snafu: we ran out of food. From newfound experience, I can say: hungry grandparents don't take too kindly to be handed plastic plates, minus the food. My mom told me later that when Caleb stared at the bare table, he said, "Aren't buffets supposed to have food?" Hopefully, those grandparents cherished the morning's memories with their adorable grandchildren, and then found a Denny's nearby.

After the event had come and gone, I arrived home, completely exhausted. My eyes wondered around my home: soiled laundry strewed on the floor, dirty dishes piled up in the sink, and school papers and overdue correspondences scattered over the counter. The last several weeks, many things have been neglected, but none more than four little boys. Of course, they've vied for my attention quite a bit. Some cried, some acted up, some did things I would never have imagined (Guess who?). But, Connor had the attention seeking tactic that works the best; he just asked.

As I'm staring at my disaster of a house, Connor said, "Can you read to me?" My first thought was, "No, I can't read to you, can't you see......." But, the thing I needed to tend to first was Connor. So, we sat amid the laundry and the dustballs, and snuggled in with a good book.

As the kids are now all nestled into bed, the house looks about the same, but the kids don't.

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