Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

My carnivorous son devouring a drumstick. (He probably won't be following in the steps of his other vegetarian grandparents!)

The tryptophan has kicked in!

Thanksgiving was spent at Grandma Wood's house in South Bend, Indiana. The weather was icky: foggy, misty, rainy, and sleety. So, we spent the last 24 hours cocooned inside Grandma's home. It was sort of nice to have a reason to nestle inside. The kids (with their South Bend cousins) spent their time watching beloved animated films, learning the ins and outs of Sorry, and loving on the dogs (almost too much).

Chris got his fill of lazy couch sports watching.

I enjoyed a few moments sans kids with Chris's family, thanks to my super helpful (mom's helper age) niece, Grace. Chris's mom and I actually had a few minutes to chat over dinner preparation and dish duty. Our conversation ran deeper than our usual two minute conversation prematurely halted by a needy toddler or a preschool scrimmage. She revealed that her father had been a pilot on D Day, and we talked about her recollection of Kennedy's assassination. As we scrubbed and polished dishes, I thought about how little I know about Chris's family and how glad I am to have stolen moments to establish a richer relationship.

Today I'm thankful for Chris's family. They opened their home and hearts to our rambunctious brood.

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