Saturday, November 13, 2010

Is this really November?

Yesterday, the temps reached the 70s. The boys shed pants and shirts, and slipped into their swimsuits. With all the pools closed for the season, they created their own. Space is a little tight when you rely on a wagon basin, but November midwestern swimmers have to make do.

Each year, Chris yearns for the cooler weather and changing foliage, knowing it means one thing: football. Not just any football, Chris dreams about Notre Dame football. So come September, I can predict Chris will spend his Saturdays glued to the TV watching his beloved Irish. This particularly fall, Chris has spent many a Saturday sulking around the house. Notre Dame is in a little slump, and so is Chris.

This weekend, we thought even if the game is a little ugly, the afternoon doesn't have to be. So, we invited our friends, the Hermacinskis, over to watch the game. They arrived just in time for kick-off, with their two adorable girls. The kids spent most of the afternoon glued to a movie, taking quick breaks to snag a chip or two from the kitchen. The Dads secured places on the couch, happy to be spending a lazy afternoon devoted to football. Cara and I sat in the kitchen, dangerously close to an entire plate of tortilla chips and guacamole. Our conversation flowed, as the game blared in the background.

Having six kids in the house can be a little nutty. We had our share of spills and spats (among brothers). But, laughter and play multiplied by six is truly precious.

At the end of the afternoon, Notre Dame emerged victorious. But, most of us were unaware of the score. You see, this afternoon friendship transcended football, and wonderful memories were made.

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