Thursday, November 18, 2010

Learning the Course

Caleb's definitely had some challenging moments the last several days. This morning he was absolutely insistent that he couldn't wear size eight clothes until he was actually eight. I reminded him that he would be turning eight in just a matter of days, and that he didn't fit in size seven garments. All logic fell on deaf ears, and a bitter meltdown followed our discussion. Finally, it all wore on me (or maybe I was just a little too tired). Out of the blue, I began to cry. As tears streamed down my face, I thought, "Why does this always have to be so hard?"

Then, I thought about my neighbor, a self-proclaimed daddy's girl, mourning the loss of her father who passed away last week. I thought about a woman in my autism support group, who just birthed a new son, then discovered this son will probably be deaf. I thought about my brother and sister-in-law, anxiously waiting and praying that a newborn baby will legally become their own. I imagined all of these people were thinking (more loudly than me), "Why does this always have to be so hard?"

Lately, I've been running on a new route. It took a few days to become familiar with the course. But once I became acclimated to the route, could anticipate the finish line, and recalled the burst of endorphins upon completion, my running became easier. I thought about how similar this is to my life. If I can anticipate how a situation will arise, when it will be completed, and that it will end pleasantly, life is so much easier. Life become difficult when it's an unfamiliar route, we don't know how it will end, and we're not sure how we'll feel about the outcome.

But for those of us with faith, we know the route ends well we just can't always anticipate the course.

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  1. Portions of the course are often more difficult than others too. Thankfully the difficult portion is just that, a portion...not the whole. I'm thankful to know another moms like you who have faith to press on during the difficult portions.