Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Letter From Mom

Cooper with his "friends" and their indoor picnic.

Cooper encourages two brothers to participate in the teddy bear picnic.

I was rushing out the door to get Cooper to preschool. As I escorted him out the door, he inquired about his lunch. Lunch? Lunch! Lunch!!!! We ran back inside, and I attempted to assemble the fastest lunch in history. As I was zipping up the lunch box, Cooper tells me all the kids' moms send notes in their lunch boxes. Notes? There isn't a kid in the class that can read, and I need to start sending him a note!

Quickly, I grabbed a sticky note and started to write something poetic when Cooper pulls my pen from the paper.

"I want to tell you what to write," Cooper said.

I started to smirk. I said, "What do you want it to say?"

"You will get a dinosaur for your birthday," Cooper said stone-faced.

Now, I was beginning to giggle. So, I transcribed his note and placed it in his lunchbox. I'm sure his teachers greeted the message with an equal amount of puzzlement and amusement.

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