Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Elizabeth's pictures arrived, just in time for Christmas cards! Here's three we liked! She performed a miracle to actually get all four boys to look at the camera!

With Chris working a 12 hour shift, the boys and I needed to find entertainment. So, we opted for a day trip down to the Wonderlab in Bloomington. Right now, the museum is featuring its Robotics, Engineering and Design exhibit. The boys were in heaven! The museum was covered top to bottom with anything and everything a child could build or design. The boys gravitated to the Robotics. They spent a good hour creating robotic masterpieces.

If anyone is looking for some entertainment during the cold weather months, I'd highly recommend it (runs until May)!


This morning, the older boys attended Sunday School class together. After service, I picked the boys up from their classroom. I asked Connor, "How did Sunday School go?"

He replied, "Good, but don't talk to the Sunday School teacher."

Hmmm. I sought out the teacher, and we had a good laugh over his comment! (Evidently, the boys need to work on attention issues, but nothing major!)

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