Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Performance

Cooper standing in the last row to the far left (blue shirt).

Most of the Wood family enjoying the "feast" at Cooper's preschool.

Today Eagle Church Preschool/Purple Zone class hosted a Thanksgiving Feast for preschool attendee's parents and family. So, Chris (a little bleary-eyed from working an overnight shift) and I attended his performance and celebratory lunch.

I arrived exactly at 11:30 to find the preschoolers already in place. They were clustered on their makeshift stage/green carpet. I was completely surprised to find Cooper sitting in the back, hidden behind a few taller preschoolers. You see, I imagined Cooper positioned directly in front, trying to grab as much of the spotlight as he could muster. I foresaw him being the one that not only sung the songs, but choreographed them his own special way. Cooper, the one who has no fear jumping from seven foot tall monkey bars or whizzing down a wet slide on a snow sled, is actually afraid of something: Cooper has stage fright.

So, I watched as the more animated members of his class belted out adorable Thanksgiving songs (some even impersonated turkeys). As for Cooper, I'm not exactly sure what he was doing. The few times I was able to catch a glimpse of him, he was swaying and perhaps mumbling a word or two.

We were thankful to see Cooper's performance, and discover there are actually times when Cooper will contently blend in to the crowd.

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