Sunday, November 7, 2010

If You Give a Mom a Project

Collin sitting in the middle of the mess. I guess it truly gets worse before it gets better!

Today, the illness began to dissipate, but the symptoms lingered for just a little longer. I cocooned the kids inside the confines of our home, praying a "rest day" would do the trick.

With Christmas around the corner (and a missing library book), I decided to spend the day "weeding" through the toys. Soon, I realized my little project had ballooned into several side projects and a mounting "to do" list. I started to think my day's activities were similar to the mouse in "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie." Like the book, one project spiraled into, well, here's how it went...

I decided to weed out the toys, so I started in the basement.

Weeding out the basement toys encouraged me to weed out the bedroom toys.

So, I went to the bedroom. While weeding out the toys on the beds, I realized the sheets needed washed.

So, I took the sheets down to the laundry room to wash. While in the laundry room, I noticed the winter coats needed hung up.

I hung up the winter coats and then glanced over at the pantry and noticed the trash needed to be taken out.

I took out the trash, and while in the garage I noticed the garage needs a good sweep.

I swept out the garage, and then noticed the car needs to be cleaned out.

I removed all the "stuff" from the car, and noticed the toys in the car need to be returned to the basement.

I returned the toys to the basement, and wondered why the toys in the basement hadn't been touched.

So went my day!


Cooper said to me tonight, "The Bible says 'no potty talk.'" Something like that, I guess.

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