Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Beloved Gift

Every Christmas the boys always get one particular gift: the gift given by well meaning friends or relatives who either never had children or have older children. Because of that, said relatives/friends don't purchase gifts with the same filters as a mother with four little boys. They are the ones that purchase one super cool gift, like the light saber or the nerf gun, for just ONE boys (thus causing days and days of bickering among siblings). They are the ones that purchase the bead making kit complete with 1,000 beads that can easily filter throughout every nook and cranny in a house. They are the ones that buy the drum sets, the pocketknives, the fire trucks with earsplitting sirens, and on and on.

While this particular mother cringes at these gifts, minor boys greet said gifts with much enthusiasm. This year that gift was bath crayons. The moment the wrapping was tattered and the crayons exposed, I knew what was to come. It only took a day for the bathtub to turn from a pristine porcelain retreat to a graffiti covered wash basin. I know it's washable, although my experiences with "washable" items has made me wary.

The bath crayons did provide quite a bit of entertainment this morning, but I'm thinking this gift is about to go missing (meeting the same fate as all those wonderful gifts from the past!).

Caleb armed with a ginormous snowball.

Collin taking in the sights during our winter nature hike.

Cooper and his preschool pal, Carson, stroll through the snow.

Can you guess whether Caleb had a taste of the icing?

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