Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Big Family Christmas

Collin opening a gift with the help of my cousin, David.

Cooper intently ripping the paper off his gift.

Caleb and Connor examining their new goody.

Collin and I snuggle up to my sister in law Heather and Collin's cousin, Will.

My Aunt Kathryn explaining the annual Dirty Santa gift card exchange.

Collin and Papa exchange a giggle and a tickle.

Me posing with my cousin, Laura and my Aunt Kathryn.

Last night we had our big family Christmas party. My house was filled to the rafters with relatives: aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, siblings, and on and on. The laughter and love radiated throughout the house.

Of course, I look forward to the company, but my mouth starts to water when I think about the food. My Aunt Linda makes the best comfort food: cinnamon rolls, creamed corn, fresh green beans, and homemade preserves. After dinner, we feasted on pies, Christmas cookies, and red velvet brownies.

The food was followed with our Dirty Santa gift card exchange. (A game where we can open a present or steal another relatives pre-opened gift.) We're not the type of family too shy to "steal" gifts from relatives. Our game is always competitive, but fun.

As the last gift was open and family members start to say their goodbyes, I got a little sad. Do we really have to wait another year to have another night like tonight?

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