Sunday, December 12, 2010

Celebrating with Family

Caleb opening family birthday gifts.

Chris gets some gifts too!

The four December babies celebrated with family. (L to R. Connor-December 10th-age 6, Grandma December 17th- age 89, Chris December 15th-age 39, Caleb December 9th-age 8)

All the partying from the weekend left some exhausted, and willing to sleep just about anywhere.

Of course, this sort of thing happens when Chris is at work. His injury involved a sleeping bag and an ironing board. (I don't even really iron!)

We had the last big birthday bash. My family got together to celebrate all our December birthdays (quite a few). We enjoyed a casual lunch topped off with gift opening and a cupcake cake. The boys savored their last few minutes celebrating their birthdays, again.

After our guests left, I started in on Christmas. I broke out the flour and sugar, and commenced Christmas baking. In between the mixing and the pouring, I gazed out my window and eyed the falling snow, as Christmas music played in the background.

Christmas is here for the Wood House.

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  1. Becky!!! Caleb totally got decked!! OH my gosh, is he okay?!!!! It probably looks worse than it is now, but i love that you ran to grab the camera. That's my blogging mentor!!! XOXOOXOX