Friday, December 3, 2010

Clashes over Clothes

The two younger boys have become buddies (usually!).

I've mentioned it before, Caleb and I have had some serious standoffs about clothes. Recently, Caleb has insisted that he cannot wear size eight clothes until he's actually eight years old (six days away!). Mind you, Caleb has outgrown all he's size seven pants, with the exception of his blue number nine sweats (which are wearable, but would definitely be considered floods). So, Caleb wears these number nine blue sweats....A LOT. (Need I say, Caleb lives in a very black and white world, not willing to embrace the gray.)

Today, Caleb emerged from his room ready for his school day. Can you guess what he was wearing? You bet, Caleb was clad in his number nine blue sweats.

"Caleb, didn't you wear those yesterday?" I questioned.

He responded in the affirmative.

I began to think a little harder, and asked the question I was dreading.

"Caleb, how many days in a row have you worn those sweats?" I asked, secretly not really wanting to know.

"Five." He responded.

Right then and there I felt like the absolute worst mom in the world. I've let him go to school in the same pants the whole entire week. What must his teacher/classmates be thinking?

I promptly required him to remove the sweats and put on a pair of his size eight clothing. You can just imagine the reception I received. But, he did begrudgingly wear a size eight pant to school.

I emailed my friend (also a mother of four boys) about my morning. She made me feel better about the whole conversation, and then added a reminder to always check the underwear.

Oh no! Did he wear the same underwear for five days too? I'm not going to ask, and I think the number nine blue sweats are about to go missing. Shh!!!

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