Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Drowsy Mothering

Capturing a silly moment with Connor and Collin.

Tis the season to be harried! Unfortunately, that's how it feels right now. December is extremely full for the Wood family, with three birthdays and Christmas all shoved in to the next few weeks. My mounting to do list pushes many things aside, but none more precious than sleep.

Today, I was thinking how sleep deprivation truly impairs mothering. Much like operating heavy machinery or motor vehicles, drowsy mothering should be avoided at all cost. We mothers should be warned that the side effects of sleepy mothering are:

-propensity to speak to loved ones in a raucous, boisterous tone;
-likelihood of performing stupid mistakes (like putting your car keys in the washing machine...happened today!);
-probability that mother's temperament can transform from pleasant to perverse in a matter of nanoseconds; and
-high chance spouse will receive the brunt of any spewed unpleasantness.

Many a slumberous mother attempts to bypass these symptoms by loading on an intense amount of caffeine. Said mothers find relief from all above side effects for several hours, but should be warned side effects will reemerge (with a vengeance) in only a matter of time.

The only known cure for sleepy mothering is to engage in an actual nap or early bedtime. Mothers are advised to let some things go, but not sleep....their families will thank them.

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