Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Enjoying First Snow and a Little Bit of Peace

Caleb (above) waiting on his ride, amid the snow!

Cooper (below), clad in pajamas, cradling fresh snow!

A RARE time Caleb let me cuddle him. I made Chris grab the camera to capture the moment.

It was as if on cue: December enters and brings with it snow! When the boys arose and gazed out the window, they shrieked! Snow is right up there with birthdays in this house. Cooper, still clad in his pajamas, threw on a pair of snow boots and a wool hat and dashed out the door. I yelled after him, "Cooper, there will be plenty more snow to come. Get in here to eat breakfast."

But, I watched him giddily running among the flurries, gathering up handfuls, attempting to catch a few on his tongue. So, as crazy as he looked, I let him dance among the flakes pre 7 a.m.

I know there will be many more snowy mornings to come, but there's something about the first snow and little boys that is simply priceless.


I went in for my first mammogram today (no worries, just a routine post-35 screening test). I walked into the office with much trepidation. The thought of having a breast flattened and then photographed did not sound one bit appealing. But I knew the benefits outweighed any potential discomfort, so there I sat.

After a few minutes sitting in the office, I realized how much I was really enjoying the process. The office was all staffed by woman clad in hot pink scrubs. The coffee tables were all filled with current issues of Redbook, and Better Homes and Gardens. There wasn't an issues of Sports Illustrated or Field and Stream in sight. All the TV sets were tuned to Hoda and Kathie Lee. I was wearing a pale pink gown, and a coffee bar sat inches away. More than anything, it was just so quiet!

I began to soak in my surroundings. I realized one of the reasons I loved it so much was that it was feminine. Living with five men has squashed my inner girlie girl. I've learned to live in a house dominated by primary colors, accessorized by trucks, superheroes, and sports paraphernalia. I miss pastels! I miss florals! I miss quiet! I miss being a girl!

After all pictures were snapped (really wasn't that bad!), I begrudgingly left the office. I'm looking forward to turning 40 to spend a few more minutes in this oasis (I mean office).

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