Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting My Workout

Connor and Audrey Brinkruff all smiles on the couch.

The boys and the Brinkruff kids enjoyed an afternoon play date.

Lately, I've tried to include a little abdominal workout into my daily fitness routine. I guess it all started when:

1) I treated Christmas cookies like a new food group;
2) I had to hold my breathe and suck in my tummy to insure jean buttons don't burst (although I have just discovered elastic waist band leggings!); and
3) The exterminator's comment from last year (the one that asked me if I was pregnant, when I was over a year postpartum!).

So, each day I've attempted to squeeze in a ten minute exercise on demand abdominal workout (typically when all four boys are awake). No matter where they are in the house, when the TV flips on they come running. Then my brood of boys acts as my audience/cheerleaders.

First, they provide commentary/encouragement:

"Mom, that lady (on the video) is moving faster than you."

"Mom, her weights look bigger."

"Mom, are you sure you're doing it right?"

Then, they decide to "help" with my technique. They jump on my back when I'm in plank position. They run between my legs when I'm doing the bicycle. They taking a flying leap and land on my tummy when I'm doing crunches. They throw pillows at my head when I am stretching.

The boys that aren't "exercising" are engaging in all sorts of mayhem and mischief. Today, Cooper said, "Is Collin supposed to be holding that?" Mid-crunch I turn to see Collin walking around with a screwdriver. No, indeed. Crunches stop. Screwdriver confiscated. Crying one year old. Abbreviated workout.

At the end of the workout, I think I may have completed one successful crunch. Sigh.

Now, where are those leggings?

Are there any Christmas cookies left?

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