Sunday, December 26, 2010

Transforming from Toddler to Baby in a Day

How I found Collin this morning.

Collin showing off one of his Christmas presents.

So amid the hustle and bustle of the last few days, Collin, our adorable fourth son, morphed from a baby into a toddler before our very eyes. His "coming out" started on December 23rd. Chris finally had an evening off, and we had plans. I envisioned us nestling on the couch, snuggling under a blanket, taking in a movie. We finally had all the kids in bed, and had just reached the main floor. Then I heard it: a thud, tiny footsteps, a door open, and a wail accompanied by "Mama."

Chris and I looked at each other, and questioned at the same time, "Collin?" Collin it was. He scaled the crib walls and leaped over the rails. Amazingly enough, we've never had a son attempt that before (not even Cooper!).

We carried him back to the crib, smiling at first. Two hours later, we weren't smiling so much. After implementing just about every parenting trick in our book, the one that finally worked was to reverse the lock. At ten p.m., we flipped on a movie, but I was snoozing before the movie's opening credits.

Scaling crib rails is not Collin's only new toddler trick. In the last two days, Collin discovered biting. Yes, biting! The four boys frequently engage in feuds that end in at least one sibling in tears. But, two days ago, I started hearing scuffles accompanied by ear-splitting wails. Those older brothers that used to think Collin would passively watch as they snagged his toy or grabbed his book, were grossly unprepared for their younger brother to place his teeth firmly in their arms or on their legs and not want to let go. So, Collin learned toddlers reap the consequences of their actions, and discipline can be swift.

The fact that Collin's exhibiting an array of toddler behavior, doesn't change how I see him. He'll always be my baby, crib or not.

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