Friday, December 17, 2010

Visiting Santa

I manned the cookie station at Connor's kindergarten Christmas party.

Connor indulging in a fully loaded sugar cookie.

The kids and I getting ready to see Santa.

The boys got to ride Santa's express at the Indiana State Museum.

Connor and Cooper rode the same passenger car (and loved it!).

All the boys with Santa and Mrs. Claus. (I attempted to move out of the picture for a second.)

Christmas break has officially begun. Two school Christmas parties kicked off the day. I worked Connor's party, manning the cookie station (so much temptation!). It was a treat to meet Connor's classmates and observe Connor around his kindergarten peers. (One classmate told me Connor was the nicest kid in the class, but below average in art. His comments made me giggle.)

Chris worked Caleb's party. I've yet to hear the complete play by play, but the only word Chris used to describe it was "crazy." I can only imagine!

15 second graders + holiday excitement + lots and lots of sugar = total mayhem (I'm guessing!)

After school, the four boys and I made our annual pilgrimage to the Indiana State Museum to visit Santa. A visit to Santa also includes rides on Santa's Express. The boys (and I) hopped onto the mini passenger cars. The train circled the Polar wonderland, while the boys oohed and aahed over the Styrofoam snow drifts and cotton ball clouds.

After several laps, we "landed" at Santa's house. The three older boys quickly ran up to Santa, exciting to recite their lengthy Christmas lists. Collin took one look at Kris Kringle and burst into tears. I moved him closer, and attempted to place Collin on Santa's knee. Collin clutched my arm, and shot me a look like, "Don't even think about it." So, I did get a picture of Santa with all four boys, holding a much happier toddler.

The memories were priceless, and the pictures hilarious!

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