Monday, December 27, 2010

A Nose to the Wall

I was running around Kohl's today with all four boys. Collin was propped on my hip, as I clutched his waist. I wasn't watching closely to where we were walking, and suddenly I heard a big "whack" followed by a wail. I had knocked Collin into a protruding wall with Collin's nose making a direct hit on the surface. Immediately, I felt awful. (Although if you enjoy physical comedy, I'm sure it was pretty funny to watch...if it hadn't involved a one year old!).

Collin began to bleed, cry, and clutch my side. I carried him through the store, completely ashamed of my utter clumsiness.

We left the store and went to see Dr. Dad at work, hoping Collin didn't sustain some horrible head injury or nasty concussion. Not surprisingly, Chris wasn't the least be fazed by the nostril bleed nor the hysterical child. Within minutes of observing his son, Chris gave him the all clear.

The boys and I headed home, and I put Collin down for a nap. I think he was so exhausted from the morning, that he wasn't the least bit interested in performing some of his latest crib gymnastics. In fact, he snoozed in his crib for two hours straight without letting his feet hit the ground even once.

In case you're wondering (after reading yesterday's blog), I didn't do it on purpose, I swear!!!! (Although I have found one way to keep him in the crib!)

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