Sunday, December 5, 2010

Paging Cooper's Mom

Cooper actually falling asleep during nap time!

I think I've learned from experience if things are going just a little too well, beware; it's only a matter of time! Take this morning, for example. I took all four kids to the early church service (by myself). The morning could not have gone smoother. The boys compliantly and cheerfully slid on church clothes. Two boys easily entered their Sunday school classrooms, without shedding one single tear. The two older boys happily accompanied me to "big church." The boys sat perfectly in their seats, Caleb even seemed to be reflecting/meditating on all the things said (or was he dozing?).

As I was just beginning to savor my peaceful morning, my number flashed up on the screen. As we all know, no one gets paged because anything good is happening with your child. A number gets flashed on the screen due to: 1) illness, 2) bad behavior, or 3) really, really bad behavior. I was actually hoping for number one.

The boys and I quickly exited the service, and arrived at Cooper's classroom. I braced myself for the worst (biting? major scene? meltdown?).

When the teacher spotted me, she said, "Well, I've never had this happen before."

Again, my heart sank. What o what did he do?

She continued, "Cooper threw up several times on the rug." I greeted her words with a mixture of relief and pity for my ailing son and his disgusted classmates (holding their noses). I swooped Cooper into my arms and escorted him to the church exit.

The morning didn't go as planned, but then again, I don't think it every does.

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