Monday, January 10, 2011

Accepting Aspergers

Today, Chris and I sat down with Caleb's new doctor (his former doctor is on maternity leave). This doctor is familiar with Caleb (she taught a social skills class he attended), and has a firm understanding of his personality and associated challenges.

We spent most of the meeting rehashing his quirks and airing our grievances. She listened intently, scribbled some notes, and threw out a few suggestions.

At the end of the meeting, I threw out the question I ask every doctor, "Is he like your other kids on the autism spectrum?"

She nodded and added, "He's got aspergers, but you knew that." She went on, "Aspergers' kids have a hard time all the way up until college, then they do great."

I thought, "Wow, just a decade of challenges and then smooth sailing, huh?" Her idea of a pep talk, I'm assuming.

"But he's so smart too," she continued.

I guess she was searching for the silver lining.

But, I listened as she threw out terms that identified my son. This time I didn't even flinch or shed one single tear. I think I've finally landed at acceptance, and it's made the moving forward process so much easier....for all of us.

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