Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Clashes over Clothes

Connor having fun in the snow!

I've seen
those kids. You know, the kids that happily wear their Sunday bests even when it's not Sunday. The kids that willingly lounge around in a polo shirt (or sweater vest this time of year), perfectly starched slacks, and matching argyle socks.

I don't happen to have any of those kids. My kids prefer to wear their own version of "leisure wear" (to put it kindly). Their sense of fashion is heavy on action hero embellished shirts paired with any one of their beloved array of sweat pants.

I held out hope that my beloved fourth son, Collin, would somehow be different. I dreamed that he would slide into slacks without a fuss. I imagined him smiling, even when bundled in a Christmas sweater.

Unfortunately, Collin has fallen into line with his older brothers. He's passionate about his appearance, but not in the way I hoped. He adores football shirts. He insists on wearing football attire almost every day. Most days its fine to wear the sports themed attire, but I've learned from experience my sweet little one year can transform into a terror should anyone attempt to remove his beloved garment.

Tonight, I had to replace the football shirt with pajamas. I tried to cajoling, maneuvering, and tugging the shirt free. No luck. Finally, I had to practically rip it off like a bandaid and then straddle him on the floor to apply his pajamas. After several minutes of struggle, I realized I was sweating. This was work!

I think I'll look into football pajamas tomorrow, and save the struggle more something a little more important.

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