Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Collin

Connor sharing a moment with the birthday boy.

Collin's Batman cake with football birthday candles (all Collin's favorites).

Collin eyeing up his cake, excited to blow out the candles and dig in!

Did he eat the cake or just mush it around?

Collin opening his presents amid all his "helpers."

Today, I thought about how grateful I am that God gave me Collin last. Collin has just the right personality for a last child: He's affectionate, attached, and easy going. Collin loves to cuddle (ditto for his mom). So, everyday after Collin awakes from a nap, we snag a spot on his rocking chair and sway in tandem while flipping through board books and chattering about the pictures.

Today, we followed suit. I pulled Collin from his crib and found a seat on the rocker. Collin's chest lay on my chest, and his face nestled my shoulder. His pudgy legs rested across my thighs with his feet dangling off my knees. We swayed back and forth for almost a half an hour, mostly in silence.

I suppose because it is his second birthday, I kept thinking, "How many more times will he want to rock? Am I savoring these moments enough? Is there anyway to freeze time?"

I can't freeze time and I know the rocking will eventually end, I just hope the memories don't.


  1. I am so glad Collin had a great birthday! I can't believe he is already 2! I am glad you have a cuddle buddy! I agree = rock him and cuddle him as long as he lets you! You are an awesome mom! I'm glad that you had a great birthday week! :) xoxo

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