Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Birthday

Cooper and I cuddling at lunch.

Chris and Collin pose for a picture (above). Our birthday lunch companions: my parents (below).

The Maxwells invited us over for a little birthday celebrating. Cooper and Bryn enjoying a few moments together.

I turned the big 3-7 together, inches closer to 40, steps further from 30. Chris asked the boys this morning what we should do for my birthday. Cooper: Let's take her to King's Island.
Caleb: That's not going to happen.

No, we didn't go to King's Island, but my day included all my favorites: time with family, laughs with friends, and receipt of several sweet birthday wishes. I didn't need anything new for my birthday, as I already have what I want: loving husband, four beautiful boys, and wonderful, thoughtful friends and family.


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