Thursday, January 27, 2011

Too Sick for School?

Cooper brought home "Snickers" from preschool. Each preschooler gets to take Snickers home for the week and then record and photograph his adventures. (In the above picture, we were seeking to recreate the ET stuffed animal scene!)

Cooper snuggles up to Snickers.

Here's how Snickers really felt at the Wood house.

The last couple of mornings, Caleb's announced he is too sick to attend school. He accompanies his announcement with a litany of symptoms paired by full theatrics. Yesterday morning was no exception. He started by clutching his head, and then grasped his throat (throwing in a raspy cough). Finally he clasped his stomach and doubled over. That's when the moaning really began in ernest.

"My stomach," he cried.

"It hurts," he added in a whispered tone.

Despite the heavy theatrics, he really did appear fine. So, I threw out a compromise. "Caleb, go upstairs and get dressed and then we'll figure it out."

Suddenly, he's expression turned, he unclenched his stomach and replied, "OK, once I finish my breakfast."


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