Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Cure for Pesky Phone Calls

Connor had his first Upward Bound basketball game today.

Connor and his teammate, Trevor, share a smile pre-game.

Collin hung out with Trevor's little sister, Claire.

I've started early potty training with Collin. He's modeling his big boy pants!

Not loving his big boy pants, he decided to run around au naturel.

I had just walked in the house from grocery shopping with the boys. Both hands were weighed down with bags when I heard the phone ring. Cooper eagerly picked up the phone, and I heard, "Papa." He paused, then proceeded to recount details from the last several days.

I smiled and thought, "How sweet, and perfect timing. I can haul bags in from the car while he's enjoying a chat with his grandpa."

As I ferried bags from the car to the kitchen, I watched Cooper continue to chat, and then pass the phone over to older brother, Connor. Connor, kept the conversation going, and added details from his morning's basketball game.

When the last bag was inside the kitchen, I noticed the phone lay on the counter. The boys announced that Papa had hung up the phone. Sad I'd missed the call, I checked our caller ID to determine the best number to reach my Dad.

I was shocked the number that appears was that of a telemarketer (a pesky one that calls us quite frequently), and not their grandfather. (My Dad confirmed later, he never talked to the boys on the phone this morning.) The boys had carried on a lengthy conversation with one of our beloved telemarketers!

Chris and I got quite a laugh about the whole thing. I'm just betting he doesn't call back!


We went over to some friends' house for dinner tonight. The kids actually behaved quite nicely. As we were returning home, Chris complimented the boys on their behavior.

Caleb said, "So what do we get?"

"Just the satisfaction of our love and admiration," Chris replied.

Caleb retorted, "So nothing good then."

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