Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dissecting a Bad Day

How the day ended up. The boys thought it was SOOO cool that Chris rode in a tow truck. I don't think Chris greeted the ride with the same enthusiasm.

From the moment we awoke, it appeared a black cloud was hovering over our house. Our day was full of a slew of little "no big deal" misfortunes. But, as the day progressed, and the inconveniences began to mount, those little things began to masquerade as big things.

Looking back upon the day, I'm grateful for:

1) A neighbor able to jump my car,

2) Children that (mostly) went with the flow even when life was a little unpredictable, and

3) A husband that doesn't treat little things like big things.

At bedtime tonight, four little boys and two parents, all safe and healthy, nestled in bed to hear bedtime stories. Now, that's a big deal.


At least we had some laughs today. Here's one:

Caleb was talking about a criminal tonight. He said he got sent to Penn State.

I was puzzled. Penn State? I thought for a moment, then I said, "Do you mean he got sent to the penitentiary, not Penn State."

Yes, that's what he meant.

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