Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Day of the New Year

The boys enjoyed an indoor picnic while watching the Rose Parade.

I guess boredom can breed creativity!

How I spent my morning!

We spent the first day of 2011 homebound (except for Chris who spent his day at the hospital). So, the boys and I tackled the Christmas decorations, plucking ornaments off the trees and uncoiling garland from the banisters. I'm always just a little sad when the house gets stripped of all its holiday embellishments. Suddenly, it looks bare with all hints of festivity gone. It makes me think about the evil witch in the Chronicles of Narnia that punished the land by making it always winter and never Christmas. Suddenly, our house is surrounded by winter, minus the merriment of the Christmas season.

That being said, I tried to put on a good face for the boys and provide all the entertainment that can be found within the confines of our home. Despite all my efforts, I think most of the day I acted as referee to a myriad of squabbles and altercations. By the three o'clock, I was wondering whether we'd all survive and be in one piece when Chris walked through the door.

By three thirty, Chris arrived home. I was laying on the couch amid tossed Christmas cards and wandering game pieces.

Chris took one look at me and threw out this reminder, "36 hours until school is back in session."

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