Saturday, January 8, 2011

Making Friends

Whereas many things come easy to Caleb, making friends is definitely not one of them. Most of the time he's just plain disinterested in making connections with his peers and other acquaintances. The times he does engage, the interaction is awkward and messy. I think part of the problem is he holds passionate quirky interests. He's not the friend to discuss sports or share an inside joke. He's the friend that'll talk your ear off about lizards or get lost in his world of electronics.

So, Chris and I decided if Caleb is going to have friends, we need to act as his matchmaker, social director, and friendship coach. This weekend, we made his first match. We invited a classmate to accompany Caleb to a video game/pizza parlor locale. His companion was chosen with care. We selected someone who appeared to share similar interests and seemed willing to accept Caleb, quirks and all.

Chris took the two boys on their "date." According to Chris, it went well. The boys mostly engaged in parallel play, but I believe connections were made nonetheless.

When Caleb came home, I asked him how it went. A man of few words, Caleb responded, "Good."

"Is he your friend," I asked?

He replied, "One of them."

I hope so, and we're looking forward to helping him make many more.

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