Thursday, January 13, 2011

Missing Kisses

I was dropping off Cooper at preschool today. We hung his backpack on a hook and handed his folder to his teacher. Then, I took one last look at my sweet son and moved in for my goodbye kiss. I noticed Cooper scanning the perimeters, seeing if any of his preschool pals were watching the scene. Then, while I was still mid-pucker, he shuffled back and put up his hand in protest.

"Mom, no kisses," he uttered.

Thinking there was some mistake, I went for a second kiss. My second attempt was again met with rejection.

Sadly, I watched Cooper scamper into class, kiss-free. I guess I expected him to rebuff my acts of affection (hand holding, kisses, hugs, and on and on) as a teen, but a four year old?

So sad!

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