Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Playing chauffeur

After school, Connor was in a much better mood!

The morning was progressing wonderfully until five minutes before the school bus was to arrive. Suddenly, my normally sweet son, Connor, sprouted horns and an attitude. His speech moved from sweet to sassy. The final straw was when he referred to me with the "s" word (stupid!). Enough was enough. Consequences and a long talk followed. After we worked it all out, Connor ran out to the bus stop just to discover the bus had come and gone minutes earlier.

Luckily for Connor, Mom's chauffeur service was up and running. I told Connor my transportation service was different from the others. I'm sure other chauffeur services strive to maintain repeat business. I, on the other hand, aim to never be used again.

First, I informed him of my chauffeur fees. I charge $3 a ride. In six year old kid terms, that's a fortune! But, with no other options, Connor agreed to my prices, and we worked out my collection practice (taking it from his allowance).

Next, I informed him of the rules within the vehicle. The chauffeur picks the radio station. I could see him turn pale. I flipped the radio onto NPR. So, rather than listen to his beloved techno music, the boys and I got to listen to a fascinating discussion about Estonia. I think hearing a few minutes of that was enough for Connor to lay down and wave the white surrender flag.

When we arrived at school, Connor quickly and eagerly jumped out of the car. I sat there smiling thinking how much fun parenting can be sometimes.

When I picked Connor up after school, his demeanor was much more pleasant. I'm just betting he won't be needing my services anytime soon!

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