Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Sleepy Saturday

Connor attended a cowboy/cowgirl themed birthday party. Love the party favors!

Saturday was busy: one basketball game, one birthday party, and one school carnival (organized beautifully by my lovely friend, Cara). By the end of the day, I was plum exhausted. But, I wasn't the only one.

Caleb spent the whole day in a sleepy state. He napped about three hours this morning. (I think the last time he took a nap that long, he was in diapers!). Then, he proclaimed he was exhausted, and tucked himself into bed around seven.

On one hand, I'm concerned. Is some mysterious bug wreaking havoc on my young son? But, on the other hand, I'm secretly savoring his calmer, quieter demeanor. He wants to cuddle. He'll actually sit on the couch. He's former feistiness is beginning to be a memory.

Chris recommended one more day of observation before we call his actual pediatrician. Here's hoping for a short illness, with lasting (calmer) effects.

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