Friday, January 28, 2011

Thanks Old Friend

My friend Erin with two of her daughters.

Connor and Mackenzie practiced their dance moves with the wii.

Connor adores his little brother. Here they steal a few moments of hugs and cuddles.

The Hermacinski girls joined the boys for our regular Friday night routine: pizza and a movie.

My friend Erin came over today, bearing a delicious lunch and a birthday gift. She and two of her daughters stayed for a couple of hours. The conversation flowed, like it always does. At the end of her visit, I felt a little sad; it just wasn't enough time.

Even though our friendship spans three plus decades, we've never run out of things to discuss. Over the years, our conversations have spanned from:

Strawberry shortcake
Dance and tennis classes
Bike parades in the neighborhood
Church camps
High school classes (physics comes to mind)
Driver's Licenses
Double date to prom
High School Graduation
Freshman roommates
Death of our other best friend
College Graduation
First Jobs
New Houses
More Babies
Even More Babies
Play dates
School schedules name a few.

Our conversations have changed over the years, but our friendship hasn't. Erin is still the same thoughtful, fun girl I met at five-years-old. I take that back, she's even better!

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