Thursday, January 20, 2011

TV Time Out

Cooper's preschool had a pajama party day. Cooper decided to combine his two favorite pajamas (dinosaur top paired with superhero pajama pants). Why not? I suppose he won't have the problem of anyone wearing the same thing.

Went to MOPS today, and won a makeup makeover. Here's the final product (not the best angle!). All made up with nowhere to go!

For Christmas, the boys received a nice big plasma TV. I'd have to say, no one was more excited than my biggest boy (Chris) with our new acquisition. Chris savored all his moments in front of the screen, mostly viewing his beloved sports with larger and brighter images. So, it was with great sadness, that I write about the happenings in the Wood house as of yesterday.

The boys were huddled around the new TV, mesmerized by their new favorite show (Wild Kratts). I snuck upstairs, to fold some laundry among the peace and quiet. Within minutes my serenity was shattered with the words, "Somethings wrong with the TV." My heart skipped a beat, and I flew down the stairs. Unfortunately, it was just as I had expected, the TV screen had been cracked and left lifeless from its injuries.

Pretty soon, the story came tumbling out from the mouth of four babes. Of course, the stories had variations depending on who was speaking, but the consensus was a golf ball sailed into the screen, complements of my four year old son, Cooper.

I was in a tizzy, utterly, completely unglued. It was one of those moments, where I needed a time out from my golf ball slinging offspring. I scooped Cooper up, and placed him in his room for the entire evening while I simmered, stewed, and then began to fret. How would Chris, busy at work, take the news?

I thought telling him in the midst of his shift seemed a little cruel. So, I waited until midnight when he had tucked in his last patient, and headed for home. I began the conversation with such profuse apologizes that Chris began to fear the worst. I think once the news tumbled out of my mouth, he was a little relieved that something completely catastrophic had not occurred.

Chris blew me away, he said, "Well, at least no person was injured. This is what happens when you have four boys. We'll figure it out." To say I was shocked, would be an understatement. I'm really not sure how he found the grace to be so understanding. I suppose when you spend the last ten hours treating people that are having REALLY bad days, it puts everything else in perspective.

Nonetheless, Cooper is grounded from TV for the month (guess who is suffering the most from that?). Chris is finding other ways to watch his sports, and I am marveling at a husband who loves his children more than his things.

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