Thursday, February 17, 2011

Answered Prayers

The Hermacinski girls joined the Wood boys for a few hours of play.

Chris calmed Caleb by reading a few books to him.

I heard a speaker discuss aspergers' children yesterday. She indicated they have difficulty shifting. Now who does that sound like? So, it didn't come as any surprise, that Caleb greeted a day off school (teacher professional development day) with its accompanied shift in routine with extreme distaste (to say the least).

From the minute he awoke, he teetered on the edge of losing it, several times letting his emotions get the best of him. I tried to maintain my composure. I took a lot of deep breaths, said a lot of prayers, and left the room when needed.

By the time bedtime rolled around, I was grateful he could find some peace among his sheets. I was exhausted, feeling like every ounce of my emotional health was sapped. I took a few minutes on the couch, watching mindless TV while I downed handfuls of version of therapy!

This morning at MOPS, the speaker discussed how we shouldn't compare ourselves to others. We moms are who God made us to be, and so are our children. I couldn't help but think about Caleb. God made Caleb, crafting his unique personality with all the challenges and blessings that come along. Then, He gave him to us. He knew what challenges we'd face, but trusted us with him nonetheless. On days like today, I just pray, "Equip me" and "Don't give me more than I can handle."

Today, I'm grateful for answered prayers.

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