Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boys being boys

Collin wearing his beloved Batman shirt and hat!

A friend of mine sent one of those forwarded e-mails. The subject: What would happen if boys didn't have parents. The e-mail contained a slew of pictures featuring boys behaving badly (getting too close to alligators, climbing refrigerator walls, high diving into a pile of leaves, and on and on). I chuckled at all the pictures, and then thought about how my boys would behave without their parents.

Here's my list of how my boys would act without us:

1) Wearing the same well-loved shirt and pants day after day,

2) Showing up to school sans underwear (ok, I haven't been able to adequately explain why they have to wear underwear to school, but they just do),

3) Wiping vegetables out of their diet completely,

4) Removing all seat belts from the car,

5) Keeping every electronic device operating 24 hours a day,

6) Using a fellow brother as a personal punching bag,

7) What homework?,

8) Not worrying about aim or upright toilet lids when using the restroom,

9) Using electrical cords as teething devices (caught one doing this!), and

10) What utensils?

I'm sure I could go on, but I'm thinking they might need us...just a little.

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