Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weather Woes

The boys spent their indoor hours signing Valentine's Day cards for classmates.

"Well the only thing you can truly complain about is the weather," Caleb said matter-of-factly. His words made me laugh. Oftentimes, I think he sounds more like an eighty year old than an eight year old.

Such truth in his words, and complain I did. But as the ice has encircled our home, my heart has warmed to the fact that the six of us (Chris and I included) are housebound. I think my transformation started with:

1) Reading this month's book club book, "The Space Between Us." I don't think it's possible to read about the slums in India, and then bemoan something as trivial as a missed date.

2) Reading a poem my mom sent me today written by my great grandmother 33 years ago almost to the day. Evidently, the blizzard of 1978 put a damper in her eightieth birthday celebration. Here is what she wrote:

I'm tired of winter and its woes
of blizzard winds, and drifting snows.
I'm tired of ice that halts my stride,
that forces me to stay inside--
it forces others to do my chores,
while I'm compelled to stay indoors.
I'm tired of cars that cannot go,
because they're stuck on ice and snow.
They spin their wheels, grind and sputter
while they go deeper in the gutter--
I'm tired of these old winter blues,
that make me feel I'm born to lose.
Guess the reason I feel this way--
the blizzard ruined my eightieth birthday!

I'm not the first to have winter weather woes. Here's holding out hope spring will be coming soon.

Stay warm!

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