Saturday, February 12, 2011


My sweet little baby cuddling with his mother.

Caleb, Connor, and another boy scout friend at the Pinewood Derby.

Caleb's car!
Caleb walked away with a plaque and a special certificate.

Caleb participated in the boy scout's pinewood derby. For male scouts, it's a big deal. They construct a car out of a wooden block, and then compete against their friends for fastest car down a ramp.

Today, Chris took Caleb and two brothers to watch the competition. A few hours later, Chris called. "He got third," he exclaimed, with a hint of excitement in his voice.

Just hearing the news brought tears to my eyes. Caleb has had many challenges in the last few years, and those victories (big and small) mean the world to me and to him!


Connor has been participating in Upward Bound basketball every Saturday. Connor has many gifts, but basketball doesn't seem like one at this point. He's definitely made progress, but it appears his main goal during the game is to stay as far away from the ball as possible. Nevertheless, he loves it and we spend out Saturday mornings watching Connor prance up and down the court with a smile plastered on his face.

This Saturday was no different. Connor touched the ball maybe once, but spent plenty of time "guarding" his opponent even when he was on offense.

After the game, the designated snack parent gave every player FOUR snacks each (how do you follow that?). Connor stood clutching a bag of all sorts of sweet and fattening goodies. As you can imagine, Connor's three brothers enviously eyeballed the snacks, and I began to fear a mutiny may be on my hands. Connor looked at his brothers and their gloomy expressions. Then, he grabbed his snacks and distributed one snack to each brother (at least she gave him four snacks!). I was so incredibly touched by his actions. I praised Connor up and down for his generosity.

Connor may not have scored twenty points in the game today, but he walked out of the gym a champion in my eyes. I couldn't be prouder of his actions on the court!

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