Sunday, February 13, 2011

Discovering the World

Cooper and his pal, Annika, enjoying the International Fair at the library.

My sweet neighbor, Sy, manned the Japanese booth.

Connor cuddles his new husky dog (an afternoon party favor).

It hit 50 today! Fifty! The temperature soared a mere sixty degrees in a matter of days. Hallelujah! My ice rink of a neighborhood has transformed into a big wet, slushy mess with patches of cement poking through. The warmer temps, brought all kinds of neighbors outside. Some were playing basketball. Others were maneuvering the slush from their driveways. Several I saw jogging (some I've never even seen slide into sneakers!). I think collectively, we were ready for our winter hibernation to end, and 50 degrees is just enough to bring us past our doorsteps.

Unfortunately, the Woods didn't spend a lot of time outdoors. We had indoor plans today that included:

1) A birthday party Connor attended; and

2) The international fair at the library (thanks to an invite from our neighbor, Sy).

The boys discovered two things at the International Fair:

1) All their favorite toys originate from Japan (Pokemon, in particular); and

2) The best countries to visit distributed chocolate samples (wait.... that was me!).

Looking forward to a beautiful, warm week!

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  1. It was so nice to see you at the fair! Thank you very much for coming. Annika was so excited to see you and your children! I am educated about Pokemon from your children. Next year, I need to put some Pikachoo on my booth.