Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter's Back

Cooper running around in morning snow. (He's still in his pajamas!)

Here's the snow removal you get for a quarter!

The boys having fun sledding!
The Maxwell kids joined my boys for a pizza/movie night. Eight kids crammed around a movie. They had a blast!

Connor raced down the stairs this morning, and gazed out the window. He scanned our backyard, covered in fresh layer of snow. He said with a mixture of surprise and disgust, "Spring's not here yet?" Amen Connor, my sentiments exactly!

After basking in sixty degree weather last week, accumulated snow and colder temps seem especially harsh and unwelcome. Evidently the school district felt the same, canceling classes for yet another snow day (Caleb's school remained open).

The three younger guys and I decided to embrace the snow, hoping it would be the last for the season. We packed up our sleds, piled on our snow gear, and headed to the premier sledding hill in Zionsville: Mulberry Fields.

The boys and I ascended the hill. It was quite a climb for me, as I was clutching Collin in one hand and two sleds in the other. Once we reached the peak, I doubled over, completed winded from the ascent. I stood up just in time to see, Connor and Cooper whizzing down the hill, clutching their snow boards, grinning from ear to ear.

I soon realized sledding is the absolute perfect sport for Cooper. Sledding allows him to channel his daredevil persona into something quite impressive to watch. At the top of the hill, Cooper would grasp his sled with both hands and then position himself like a gymnast would before leaping into a round of handsprings. He'd race to the edge of the slope, and then surge his body onto the board. His newly fused board and body would fly through the air and land with a thud on the decline. As gravity kicked in, Cooper plunged to the bottom in a whirl of snow. He'd get up, smile, brush the snow off his face, return to the top. Repeat and repeat.

Collin approached sledding very differently. By default, we ended up with the saucer sled. I sat with him on my lap, and clutched his body. We'd travel down the hill at a more modest pace with much less theatrics. At the bottom, he looked petrified and gripped my side. As I imagined, he wanted to be a spectator, and not a sport today.

So, Collin and I spent most of our time at the top of hill, content to take in the activity in a sedentary manner. As I surveyed the scenery, I realized the utter beauty in my surroundings. A church steeple peeked out to the North, a vintage barn lay directly next to the hill, and a playground stood in the horizon barren and covered in snow. Amid all the beauty, the squeals and laughter of little children, basking in winter play, formed a pleasant soundtrack to the ivory landscape.

Although I desperately crave spring and its accompanied warmer weather, I'm realizing winter can stay a little longer too.

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