Thursday, February 3, 2011

Icy Outdoor Play

The slick surface caused lots of tumbles.

Connor posing with his sled.

Cooper cleared the ice off the seat, and then enjoying swinging amid the ice and snow.

Cooper discovered the slide was much more fun with some icy lubricant.

Snow day three was greeted with considerably less enthusiasm than the previous days. The boys had already exhausted all our indoor activities, and it appeared the only thing left to do was squabble. By early afternoon, they needed to cool off (literally). What better place to do it then in the snow, ice, and frigid temps?

So, three older boys bundled in their snow gear and headed for our backyard. Connor was the first to venture out into our frozen tundra. He took a couple of brisk steps, and then he landed with a thud flat on his back. He let out the perfunctory cry, but once we realized no injuries had occurred, we all started laughing (even Connor).

The rest of the boys followed suit: walking along the ice, taking a tumble, brushing off their snowy derriere, and trying it again. Pretty soon, the boys located all the truly slick patches in the yard. They'd stand at the base of the ice, mount their sled, and whiz along the icy surface (not even needing an incline!).

I had a mom friend (of three boys) tell me once, "You need to air out boys once a day." I believe her!

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