Monday, February 21, 2011

Overnight Date

Chris standing by the Indiana University Sample Gates.

Chris and I reminisced at the Wells House (where Chris proposed eleven years ago!).

Enjoying a dinner out without a children's menu in sight!

Chris dining on a cafe breakfast.

When Caleb was three months old, Chris insisted we do an overnight date to Louisville, Kentucky. He lined up the sitters (my parents), made reservations at a gorgeous historic bed and breakfast, and organized an array of fun activities. The minute I left my baby boy, I began to worry. I talked about him, a lot. I called, a lot. I fretted, a lot. The next morning, after the last drop of breakfast was consumed, my bags were packed and I was bound and determined on retrieving my baby..right away. Chris didn't even bother to put up a fight. I'm sure prolonging the date would have been pure misery for the poor guy.

Fast forward eight years and four children and my approach to an overnight date has changed drastically. Yesterday, we had reservations for an overnight stay in Bloomington. Again, my parents were booked as the sitters. When my parents arrived around lunch, our bags were packed and already stashed in the car trunk. We parceled out a few instructions, and then we were off. We wore big smiles as we sped out of the driveway, not looking back even once.

We spent the next 26 hours completely happy. We did things we don't normally do (go to a movie, eat a nice dinner, wander around the stacks in a bookstore). We talked about things we don't normally talk about. (Our conversation drifted from a recap of the days events, to deeper subjects.) We relaxed and remembered why we married our very favorite person.

As we headed home, I thought about the difference eight years make. Why was I able to so easily separate from my children now? Did I care about them any less? Did I worry about them any less? Of course, my affection for my children is the same, if not more. But truthfully, we've become tired and busy. As the children have multiplied, personal and couple time has decreased. We realized making time for each other (and ourselves) is pertinent to sustaining the relationship that began it all.

(One more thing: We saw William Shatner at the Zionsville, Indiana Starbucks!!)

Mom and Dad bought the kids a 3-D Garfield video. This is how we found the kids when we arrived home.

My Mom and Dad served as our overnight babysitters. We are extremely grateful for their willingness to take on our brood of boys! We appreciate that they want to assist their children, and build memories and relationships with their grandsons! Thanks!!!

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  1. Glad you had a great time! (How crazy to see William Zionsville!) :)