Monday, February 7, 2011

Parenting with Good Intentions

Library Story Time: Cooper listening intently to Miss Elizabeth's reading of Dinosaur Woods.

I started the day with good intentions. I've been reading a parenting book that encourages building good relationships with your children. It even included a list of 50 things to do to show a child love. Armed with a plethora of good ideas, I began the day ready to show the boys some "loving."

I'm not sure how my good intentions unraveled so fast. It could have been:

1) The car radio got freakishly stuck on NPR during morning carpool. (I actually felt like it was a gift from God, but the five little ones in the car didn't find hearing a discussion on earned income credits as enjoyable as the latest Taylor Swift song.) I almost had a mutiny on my hand, and the moaning soared (times five!).

2) Collin is recovering from a week of sickness. Although his physical body has healed, he's emotionally quite dependent on me. I spent most of the day feeling like Collin had morphed into a new appendage. I think twelve hours into holding him ever spare second of the day (or having him cling to my leg), make me pine for just a sliver of personal space.

3) Cooper. Do I need to expand? All kidding aside, Cooper seemed to be bouncing off the walls. In fact, at one point I said, "Can't you sit still, even just for a minute?"

My list could expand, but I think you get the picture.

But, as I reflect upon the day, I think the biggest problem was me. I was one tired mama, and parenting tired never quite yields the best results.

So as I'm finishing this post, my intent is to slide into bed, ready to start tomorrow afresh with better intentions.

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