Friday, February 4, 2011

A Sick Baby

My baby is sick. He's spent the last two days with a fever. It's the kind that turns his cheeks scarlet and makes his body shiver when he's stripped down to his diaper. We've given him a little of the red stuff, and a drop of the orange stuff, but he remains hot, tired, and really, really sad looking.

Each of my kids have treated illness differently, but Collin just wants to be held. "Hold me," he'll utter with watery eyes and a flushed face. Well, it's hard not to. We'll cuddle for awhile, then I'll glance over at the mound of dirty dishes or the pile of soiled socks. I think I should be..... But, then I remember how quickly two year olds grow. I think one day I'll remember/savor these moments, and never have a second thought about the laundry.

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